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Can we get over the 80′s revival now, please?

One of the many things that annoy me about my generation is the idea that things were somehow better in the past than they are now. This seems to stem from an inability to recognise the difference between something that is “Classic” (ie something that is brilliant, important, ground-breaking and timeless), and something that was merely around during our youth and somehow given cult status simply by being there at a time that we consider “happier”. The 80’s music revival is the most obvious example of this. Why my peers have such a fascination with this era, I have no idea. The 1980’s was the age of Reagan, Thatcher, Muldoon, high unemployment, mounting national debt, brown brick buildings, the Berlin Wall, shoulder pads, the Iron Curtain, and more relevantly a period of low artistic creativity, cocaine, excess, over-production and musical irrelevance. Almost every musician who made a name for themselves … Read more

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Review – Death Magnetic

Hey, Metallica. Could you please fuck off and never force another one of your pretentious, pretend-political, appealing-only-to-retards albums on us ever again? Thanks. Tool? Same deal. Cheers. 0 out of 10MP Tweet

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Henry Rollins – Talking Shit. Loudly.

When you are young and believe yourself slightly smarter than everyone else the world is your oyster. There is a brief shining moment between discovering that the people who picked on you are a pack of dicks and discovering that life is all about doubt, shades of grey and uncertainty. This period is known as ‘punk’ and it is beautiful. When things are punk they are black and white and they are good and evil and right and wrong and cool and uncool and while you may veer between whether ‘cool’ is ‘good’ and ‘cool’ is ‘bad’ it’s all pretty simple. It’s not the same as ‘rebellion’ because it has ‘meaning.’ That’s what makes it so sweet. That’s what justified all the silly things you said, the sillier things you wore and the things you told yourself you believed. This isn’t a rant about the follies of youth by a … Read more

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