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Worst Albums Of All Time: Weezer – ‘Make Believe’

This week’s worst album was nominated by Elkano. Thanks for all your nominations – we’ll be revisiting some of the others very soon, we promise. This album marks a turning point in the Worst Albums Of All Time Saga: this is the first album by a band that I actually like. Or more accurately, the first album by a band whose albums I liked before this one. I fall into the same category as a lot of long-time Weezer fans. We are the Star Wars fans of music – we’ll always have our original trilogy, and whatever came afterwards be damned. Much like Star Wars fans, we’ve often kidded ourselves: “Raditude was OK really, at least it didn’t take itself too seriously” or “there weren’t as many furry animals in this one”. But who are we kidding? Our beloved Weezer died with Make Believe, never to return. You see, it’s … Read more

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Top Songs: The Music – ‘Guide’

I almost completely forgot about how awesome The Music were until today when “Guide” popped up on my MP3 player. Taken from their second album Welcome To The North, released in 2004, this was one of the more rockier songs from a band that is sort of like a cross between indie dance (heavy keyboards, steady beat) and Led Zeppelin (high-balls vocals). If you’ve never checked out The Music, then you really should. Hailing from Leeds, they had three really good albums, starting with The Music in 2002 and ending with Strength In Numbers in 2008, their music always very powerful and highly danceable. Sure, their name is possibly the most generic band name since The The (they’d probably have gone down pretty well had they toured in New Zealand, since we like to name things after exactly what they are: “North Island”, “South Island”, “fizzy drink” etc), but don’t … Read more

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Auckland – 13/04/11 – The Powerstation – Jimmy Eat World


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The Strokes – ‘Angles’

It’s difficult to measure The Strokes’ impact on the music of the last decade. I’ve talked about this extensively in the past, but suffice to say: if you think The Strokes are overrated, then you don’t remember how bad music was at the turn of the century. Angles is the first album from The Strokes in five years. Much like First Impressions Of Earth in 2006, it starts off incredibly strongly with three superb songs, before dive bombing Scrooge McDuck-style into the musical equivalent of a septic tank. It really is like they gave up half way through. Check out my full review of Angles over at Guerrilla Geek, where I’m going to be contributing the odd review from time to time. A great site, dedicated to all things great about geek culture, we’ve even added it to our “sites we like”. Can’t pay a higher compliment than that :-). … Read more

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Green Day’s ‘Awesome As Fuck’ – the story (mostly) checks out

There are a lot of Green Day haters out there. One of my great musical awakenings was as a naive 15 year old, and discovering punk through great 90s bands like Green Day, Bad Religion, NOFX, The Descendents and Rancid. I also remember that overnight, all music reviewers – most of whom had been content to review Metallica and Stone Temple Pilots albums up till that point – suddenly became experts on punk over night. “Green Day aren’t real punk because they’re on a major label and they’re selling lots of records.” That was one of their major complaints, overlooking the fact that the Ramones and the Sex Pistols were on major labels, as were their beloved Clash who sold a tonne of records. No one ever calls out non-punk bands for selling too many records do they? And since when did these ‘punk’ ideals suddenly become so important to … Read more

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