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Five great free hip hop mashups

One of the great art forms on the internet at the moment is the hip hop mashup. Take one famous rapper, take another well known (usually indie) album and mix the two together, then give it away as a free download. Check out five of my favourites after the jump. Read more

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Lana Del Rey: Awesome or Boresome? (Almost works)

There’s nothing worse than when major labels tell you what you should like. An artist or a band is suddenly plastered everywhere, their face is all over music television, and the babbling goons that invariably host primetime radio slots are constantly dribbling on about them as if their paychecks depend on it. A good recent example was that awful Gotye song (I mean seriously, fuck that song) that was suddenly everywhere despite being as beige as John Key’s underwear. (Even the video is literally fucking beige). This is how I felt about Lana Del Rey when her name and face suddenly appeared on every billboard, magazine cover and blog seemingly overnight. My highly trained music snob instincts instantly smelled a rat. Claims of “the next Adele” should immediately send your bullshit radar into overdrive: for a start, why are we always looking for the next of something we already have? … Read more

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