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Green Day preview the first of three new albums

Green Day revealed their cover art for their forthcoming album Uno today, the first of three albums to be released at the end of this year and the start of next (to be named Uno, Dos and Tre and released September 25th, November 13 and January 15 respectively). I’m an old Green Day fan from way back but I’ve sort of lost interest over the last few years as they disappeared up their own arseholes. First impressions of this new material isn’t great either – the band have debuted a few tracks live – but hey, don’t count your eggs until they’re hatched, right? I’m hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised upon its release – some of 21st Century Breakdown‘s album tracks were pretty good, even if the singles were a bit silly. The cover is the most encouraging part of all of this – a clear sign that the band … Read more

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Are you thick or something? – Bands I can’t believe I missed

Much like anyone, up until recently I thought I knew everything.  Well, okay, not everything; I mean I knew that I knew very little about lots of things I wasn’t interested in but because I wasn’t interested in them they were unimportant. So really, up until recently I thought I knew everything important. Then in 2010 I had what, if I were a religious man or a man prone to cliché, could only be described as a Saul on the Road to Damascus experience; in 2010 I discovered The Replacements. Yes. I discovered The Replacements, seminal 1980s American indie rock band in 2010. A mere twenty years after their last album was released, and I think I just slid in under 19 years since they broke up.  The thing was, I had heard of The Replacements, fuck, I had even seen the movie ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ (with a soundtrack almost entirely … Read more

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Review: Best Coast – ‘The Only Place’

Best Coast’s 2010 record Crazy For You was an album that triumphed through it’s simplicity. Unashamedly pop in nature, the songs were sincere and catchy odes to love, life and sunshine. A beautiful record and one of the best released in 2010. So two years on it’s follow-up time, and Best Coast are back with The Only Place, an album which suffers from a fairly typical case of “second record syndrome”. That’s not to say it’s a bad record: it’s not. It’s a good record – even a very good record. It just suffers a little from the very thing that made their first record so great: its simplicity. Let’s start from the beginning. Opener and title track “The Only Place” (free download here) is top notch: a poppy ode to the band’s home state of California over jangly guitars and a melody to die for. A perfect first single: … Read more

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Hip Hop tribute to Neutral Milk Hotel’s ‘In the Aeroplane Over The Sea’

If you’re anything like me, you’ll think that “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” is one of the great albums of the late nineties. Quirky and wonderful, with great lyrics, it’s amazing that something so original slipped out in a period when the most important thing in rock was a douchebag in a backwards red cap rapping about his penis. So you may be interested to know that someone’s made a hip hop tribute to Neutral Milk Hotel’s finest. It’s patchy as fuck, as you’d expect, with many of the songs sounding like they’ve just been slowed down and had a Kanye acapella chucked over the top. But there’s a few good moments too, and since it’s free (or pay what you want) it’s worth it just to hear Dre and Eminem rapping over “Ghost”. Crazy. Read more

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