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Peace – ‘In Love’

Clearly among the front runners in the UK’s ‘great indie hopefuls’ for 2013, Birmingham’s Peace were apparently the best think at this year’s SXSW music festival since ‘large rimmed glasses’ and ‘not acting like you’d think a Texan would act’. They’ve chucked a lot of the album up here on Soundcloud, which is frightfully nice of them. I am still coming up with some meaningless superlatives to describe their sound, by which I mean I am still digesting it, but have a listen yourself and have a crack. One of their cracking tunes is below. Enjoy, and Peace out. Yep. I went there. The NME may have beaten us to the album review but I beat them to the joke.  Well, okay ‘joke’ is pushing it too…   Tweet

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra – ‘II’

In 2011, when Unknown Mortal Orchestra released their debut self titled album, not liking Unknown Mortal Orchestra in some circles was considered a crime against New Zealand.  It was a bit like saying you didn’t like The Hobbit or  Sir Edmund Hillary . If I’d been better looking I’d have been labelled an ultra-hipster for my view that they were over-rated and that there was nothing ‘stand-out’ about them that raised them above the rest except for their Mint Chicks pedigree. The thing is, I was wrong.  I was wrong because I missed the point.  Unknown Mortal Orchestra didn’t write stand out tunes that jumped out at you and that you felt straight away.  The thing is, they did stand out but they stood out in your mind later – the complex, meandering guitar, the strange drum patterns, the vocals buried deep in the mix.  I should have known better. You could … Read more

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