Music is doing fine, you’re the one that’s stagnant

The "good old days"It seems to be a common gripe from people my age (early 30s) that music is somehow not as good as it once was. As someone who listens to a lot of new music, this attitude really fucking annoys me.

For a start there is arguably more great music out there today than at any point in popular music’s history, and it’s more readily available than ever. Sure, the music industry as a business may have collapsed in on itself but believe me, that is not a bad thing. If you feel bad about music executives not getting $35 a pop on the music that you’re now getting for free then I’m sorry, you don’t deserve good music anyway. We don’t need your pity.

Some people are quite happy to listen to nothing but old music, and I find that really sad. Have you noticed that it’s almost always from an era that coincides directly with their youth? It’s always “Oh, you were a teenager in the 1980s? Tell me again about how all the music and fashions were fantastic and how it definitely wasn’t a fucking horrible and miserable time to live”.

I had some fuckwit picking a fight on Twitter the other day because I had the nerve to suggest that Aerosmith were a third rate Rolling Stones tribute band. I mean like not even like the classic sixties Stones, but the shitty 1980s having-a-play-at-disco and doing way too much cocaine Rolling Stones. If Aerosmith is your favourite band in 2013 then I can only imagine you spend large amounts of time crying in the shower before work and lamenting what has happened to society since the halcyon days of poorly written glam rock that could only be enjoyed with the aid of needle-administered drugs.

Can you imagine if these same people took a similar backwards looking approach to movies as they do to music. “Inception? No I haven’t seen it. My favourite movies of all time are the early Tarantino films so I haven’t watched a single other film since Pulp Fiction came out in 1994”. See how stupid that sounds?

Another common complaint is that people can’t seem to find any good music via the old means, like music TV and the radio. No shit. I mean really, radio? Fucks sake, put your shitty transistor away and get Spotify or something, there’s loads of great apps on there for discovering new music, plus the artists get paid (albeit quite poorly at the moment) for every listen – so you can stop cry/wanking about the poor executives at EMI while you’re at it. Saying there’s no good music out there because you don’t see any on MTV or mainstream radio is like going into a McDonalds and then complaining that all food these days is shitty gristle burgers and whale-spunk sundaes.

Dear god, why?Slagging off hipsters seems to be another easy way of shitting on “youth” culture. So you hate people that are more fashionable and younger than you, we get it. They have silly facial hair and cardigans, but at least they like decent music most of the time. Tell them again about how much better Stone Temple Pilots are than “their music”, I’m sure they’ll be all ears. At least concede that you’ve become a more conservative version of your own parents.

Haven’t heard of the latest indie band? They must be shit then, right, or you would have heard them? I mean I haven’t seen Ben Hur, and despite living in the internet age where all of our cultural history is available to us at all times, it still hasn’t forced itself in front of my eyeballs, so I can only concede that it is a piece of shit. Totally the movie’s fault too. That logic would also make Freddy Got Fingered, which I have seen (*shudder*) a better film than Ben Hur.

Living in the internet age and still not being able to find music that you like is not a sign that music is worse, it’s a sign that you’ve lost touch. You are your own worst enemy. Stop blaming the state of music for your inability to move on.

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