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Turn your ‘Playlists’ to ‘Yay-lists’

Humans are social beings. Evolutionarily speaking, we have moved towards living in larger and larger communities.  People with large social networks have power and influence.  People who have no mates are dubbed ‘Nigel No-Mates’, and other people assume that they’ll live at home with their parents well into their forties and they’ll even go as far as to speculate that there’s ‘something going on’ between them and their sister. In many respects this is why popular music has become so important to our lives; it is the soundtrack to our socialising. Ever since our Neanderthal ancestors first said “Hey, this party is a bit quiet, let’s put this Leo Sayer record on” a good soundtrack has been part of every major social life event; be it a ‘party’, ‘wedding’ or ‘community meeting to decide what to do about the large number of immigrants moving into the area’. What people want though, as well as music, is variation. No … Read more

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Soundwave 2015

Last weekend, I got on a plane with significant other and a few other bods, and headed to Melbourne for a long weekend incorporating much shopping (for the ladies), consumption of beverages, and the 2015 edition of Australia’s Soundwave Festival (the inaugural 2-day edition). I’ll be honest – having been lucky enough to attend the 25th Anniversary Wacken Open Air in 2014, Soundwave was kind of an afterthought (with tickets kindly acquired by our housesitter in our absence). The lineup was announced, and there were a couple of bands that I was excited about, but by and large I thought it was kind of average. 2 days before we went over, it was announced that there would be no public transport to the showgrounds, which kind of worried me a bit, but it all turned out for the best. Turns out there were 18 other events on in Melbourne over … Read more

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Sonic mass: Mogwai give Wellington a Glaswegian kick to the bollocks

Mogwai, supported by Mick Turner, 6 March 2015, James Cabaret, Wellington  Set list There was once a “rave” called Sonic Mass. “A sonic gathering of creation” touted the poster. I was sixteen, fair of ginge, and it was the first time I was ever moved by music. But let me clarify here, when I say moved, I am not referring to an emotional state, I mean actually moved by the music, physically stimulated – “dear shit, this music is slapping me around!” It was our first rave, and as my young cohorts and I approached the outdoor carpark venue on Lukes Lane, I felt my stomach shaking, the bones of my rib cage jittering and the sound from the massive speakers pushing at the air creating a soft pulsing breeze on our face and gently muting our eardrums with a cavernous wall of noise. We hadn’t even gotten inside yet. … Read more

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In Defence of Kanye West and Why the Grammys Still Suck

The Grammys are a few weeks old now and still the predictable Kanye hate trudges on. We all know that Kanye West is one of history’s great douchebags and that his wife is one of the worst people alive. These are indisputable facts, and not up for debate. But still, seriously people, what the fuck. So for those of you that missed it (really?), Beck was awarded album of the year at this year’s Grammys on account of being around for ages – the basic Grammy awards qualification for non-pop acts. Beyonce was again in contention for best album, and Kanye again attempted to take the stage to demonstrate his dissatisfaction with this result. Beck was actually pretty cool about it, and Kanye never actually took the mic, but loudly voiced his views regarding the matter in a post-awards interview for which he has since apologised, albeit quite a long … Read more

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