Tracks of the mo – ii

Do you ever get dismayed at the sheer volume of wildly decent music all the talented minstrels of the world are pouring out? I do, I really do. There seems to be an endless stream of decent tracks and who in the name of Ravishing Rick Rude in crotchless leather pantaloons can keep up? So, to help you folk narrow down and tune in, every Thursday we’ll be putting out a brief list of songs titled Tracks o the Mo featuring some of the top tracks that we at Riot Radio find impossible to not rinse and repeat.

Check em.

Kero kero Bonito – Picture this

I’m a bit of a Japanophile – no not of the tentacle-porn loving type. It’s hard to spend two years in Tokyo and not absorb a fundamental appreciation for the Japanese style of doing things, and this goes for j-pop too. You just end up liking the analog video game, shit I’m falling through a rainbow, ow my ears are filled with pinball machine noises, typical of j-pop music – nay, you end up loving it, which is probably why Picture this by Kero kero Bonito made it into my tracks of the mo.

They’re a British unit, but damn they blast a polished j-pop sound that would rival any true j-pop outfit… Okay, maybe with the exception of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Check Picture this for a sound that’ll instantly perk you up.

Musical highlights: Dem intro strings get my ginger blood a pumpin.

Isaiah Rashad – Heavenly Father

I’ve been digging Isaiah Rashad for a while now. His beats are lazy, washed out and faded–yet exquisitely dope and perfectly complemented by his vox . There are a couple of his tracks I could drop in for this  week’s Tracks o the mo, Modest is on my “To the Max” playlist, as is Shot you down, but the one that  has truly captured me this last few days is Heavenly Father. Immaculately produced and off the soulful scale, Heavenly Father, clocks in with one point seven mill Spotify plays, which leads me to ask, where in the name of McCartney’s bollocks was I when this tune dropped?

Musical highlights: Dem lyrics

I’m praying that I make it 25
They be calling doctors for my health
I know it’s kinda hard to say the drugs
Because I been having problems with myself
I been asking questions, where the lord?”

AlunaGeorge – Your drums, your love

Speaking of being out of the room whizzing whilst tracks were banging, here’s another boat I missed that came out in 2012ish. British duo, AlunaGeorge’s, Your drums, your love. After hearing the opening synth I knew whatever was to come was going to be exceptional. And I was right, ten points to me. Go me, for getting imaginary me points.

A stretched and pitched vox synth creates the catchy hook before we hear vocalist Aluna Francis’ heart melting vocals, pulling us in. It’s, again, a pristine little track that I have been rinsing the last four days and I am yet to tire of. Check this song and if I were you I’d stay tuned to what these two very talented cats get up to because it’s likely to be bollocking.

Musical highlight: Dem structures

That chorus. They hold it off just a tad before dropping and blowing the track wide open. Melty melty yum yum.

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