Tracks of the Mo – iii

Check out a few of the tracks below that have been blowing Riot Radio socks off this week.

Wavves – Way Too Much (2015)

Wavves. *shakes his head* Wavves, right, you know what I mean? Ha! Wavves! They’re just one of those bands that everything they touch turns to gold. New single Way too much is no exception. The track bursts into action with their punchy punk rock with its trademark just-enough-sloppiness, and doesn’t cease. The track length weighs in at a mammoth 2.33 long so you’d be mad to not chuck it on repeat for the sake of rinsability. It’s one of those tracks that just puts me in a good mood, hence my reason for thrashing the buggery out of it.

Musical highlight: Well, that chorus is immense but the fact that it’s a new Wavves track is probably the gimme.

Jonathan Bree – Bored at the Mall  (The Primrose Path, 2013)

New Zealand musician Johnathan Bree (of The Brunettes) blew my socks off last weekend when I stumbled across his album The Primrose Path. I had been searching for an album to play whilst working on a project so was just randomly selecting artists from my Spotify Discover section. Enter Jonathan Bree. At first I thought it was Jon fucking Brion which is quite a compliment but soon I was to discover that not only was it not Jon Brion, it was a Kiwi lad.

The song, Bored at the mall, was my personal highlight but the entire album is very very listenable if you’re wanting a mellow Saturday afternoon jaunt – put it this way, I listened to the album five times in a row. Ding!

It’s tight. Check it.

Musical highlight: I really enjoyed the discordant carnival feel of the song and in fact the album in general.

Schoolboy Q – WTC (Feat. Game, Too $hort)

There’s a lot of talk about new Schoolboy Q album, Schoolboy Q 2. The track that caught my attention was WTC with its phenomenal production, sublime rhymes, and a nice melty female VOX and yes, that isn’t a typo and you haven’t misread it – Too $hort. Jeez, he’s been around some time now.

This track has ruled my playlist the last 24 hours and I wouldn’t be surprised to see another track from Schoolboy Q 2, next week in Tracks of the Mo.

Musical highlight: Too $hort. Did you know he used to be broke and didn’t have no clothes?

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