Riot Radio is Mike (aka Johnny Nostars) and Dan (aka Ace McWicked).

We created Riot Radio as a protest against average music and old fashioned music journalism. You know the type we mean: reviewers who compare everything to Bob Dylan, waffle on about how great Prince is, think CDs are the way of the future, and completely ignore the great new music that is still being released every day.

So if the last album you truly loved was released in the grunge era, and it takes something old and recognisable to get you on the dance floor, then modern music, and by association Riot Radio, really isn’t for you. Close down Internet Explorer 6, get a cup of tea and put on the latest Lou Reed CD or something. I’m sure you could use the rest after writing after all those angry emails to Stuff.co.nz about how the internet is killing music.

We’re not total haters though: check out the list of sites and people we like below.

Amy Winehorse says: 'It's Cider time!'Mike is a music fan, web developer and musician who has lived in Wellington NZ for far too long, playing (poorly) on guitar and bass in a succession of indifferently received and sparsely followed punk and rock bands . He currently works full time as a programmer and a blogger and can regularly be seen lurking around Wellington Zoo and the general Newtown area.

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Steve StiflerDan lives in Wellington and is a regular gig attendee, music enthusiast and part time hand-model. When not posting passive aggressive status updates on Facebook or screaming at unseen assailants at bus stops, he still finds time to collaborate on the regular and very good NZ political podcast The Egonomist.

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Sites and People We Like

Nothing Else On
Bill E is the guy behind Wellington’s 24hr Party People and Atomic Dj gigs. Always a top night out. You can follow him on Twitter @nothingelseon.

Bring all of your online musical activities together in one profile online, and earn points to increase your musical rank and can be rewarded for free stuff. Also has loads of free mp3s, competitions and other cool shit. The future of music online.

Coup De Main
The opposite of the old fogie journalists we slagged off above. Great online music and culture magazine, with well thought out articles, and they know good new music when they hear it.

Guerrilla Geek
Celebrating all things that are great about geek culture, including games, comics, tv shows, and of course, music. Mike Riot Radio is an occasional contributor to their music reviews.

The Egonomist
Wellington, NZ based podcast, of which Dan Riot Radio is one half of. With the state of NZ politics and the economy at the moment, it’s good to hear an intelligent yet funny point of view, where common sense, for once, prevails.

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