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Top Songs: Blind Melon – ‘Soup’

Blind Melon were somewhat unfairly labelled a one hit wonder in the 90s on the back of their breakthrough hit “No Rain”. Nothing could be further from the truth – in reality they were a wonderfully quirky and highly original rock band. From Shannon Hoon’s hippy-on-helium vocals to the twin lead guitar riffs (constant but always tasteful) of Rogers Stevens and Christopher Thorn, this was a great band with a great set of tunes. Read more

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Top Songs: Billy Bragg – ‘Greetings to the New Brunette’

I recently rediscovered this song when I picked up a copy of Talking to the Taxman About Poetry on vinyl from my local record store. As with most Billy Bragg songs, the lyrics are a real treat, some of the finest love poetry in the English language (also some of the most English poetry in the English language): Sometimes when we’re as close as this It’s like we’re in a dream How can you lie there and think of England When you don’t even know who’s in the team It may also interest Smiths fans to note that Johnny Marr plays lead on this track – a fact that eluded me for years, but that seems to fit perfectly when you discover it and have a re-listen. I’m celebrating my love for you With a pint of beer and a new tattoo And if you haven’t noticed yet I’m more … Read more

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Best Opening Lyrics: Arctic Monkeys – ‘Suck It And See’

Your love is like a studded leather headlock Your kiss it could put creases in the rain You’re rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock And those other girls are just post-mix lemonade I really wasn’t expecting to like the Arctic’s latest album Suck It And See. The singles were average at best: “Brick by Brick” is a nice enough rocker, making up for what it lacks in substance with a decent beat and hum-worthy chorus; “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair”, much like the Beatles’ “Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey” seems to be a Pilkington-esque case of great title, figure the rest out later. However, the album itself just keeps pulling me back in, more so than any Arctic Monkeys album since their justifiably praised debut. Opener “She’s Thunderstorms” kicks of with a pleasantly jangly riff reminiscent of Johnny Marr, and … Read more

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Best Opening Lyrics: Teenage Fanclub – ‘The Concept’

She wears denim wherever she goes Says she’s gonna get some records by the Status Quo Oh yeah, Oh yeah She won’t be forced against her will Says she don’t do drugs, but she does the pill The opening lines of the opening song on their 1992 classic album Bandwagonesque. The album that was famously voted best album of that year by Spin magazine: beating out an album called Nevermind by a Washington band named Nirvana that to the best of my knowledge went on to do little else. You’ve gotta love Teenage Fanclub. They’re one of those bands that should’ve been huge but never really got as big as they deserved to, a bit like two of my other favourite bands The Ramones and The Replacements. Like those bands, their lack of megastardom meant that they didn’t burnt out and fade away as fast as some of their contemporaries. … Read more

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Best opening lyrics: The Jesus and Mary Chain – “Something I Can’t Have”

You’re in my house You’re in my face You make me hate the human race Fuck yes. The Jesus and Mary Chain, what a band. “Something I Can’t Have” is from the compilation CD The Sound of Speed which according to Wikipedia is “a compilation of singles and rare tracks”, which given that the song is far and away my favourite J&MC track, I find a little puzzling. Apparently it was originally track two on The Sound Of Speed EP – not even a single! It was playing second fiddle to the also brilliant “Snakedriver” though so I guess they can be forgiven. Just goes to show the sheer quality of their songwriting that they could afford to chuck away a song like “Something I Can’t Have” on an EP. Anyway, here’s the song. Enjoy!

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