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In defense of the new Pixies

We live in an age where music journalism – this blog included – is increasingly irrelevant: the discerning music fan has all of the tools available to them to make their own decisions and musical discoveries. Want to know if you like a band? Look ’em up on Spotify and decide for yourself. (Don’t have a Spotify account? It’s free, you jerks). Want their backstory? Wikipedia. Similar artists? Last.FM. And so on. So I guess it kind of fucks me off when music that is clearly not awful on any level (in fact is rather excellent in this writer’s humble opinion) gets a slagging off in the music “press” (whatever that means in 2013). I am talking, of course, about the new Pixies material. So, twenty-two years after their last album, ten years after their reunion began, and nine years since their last new material the Pixies finally chose 2013 … Read more

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Music is doing fine, you’re the one that’s stagnant

It seems to be a common gripe from people my age (early 30s) that music is somehow not as good as it once was. As someone who listens to a lot of new music, this attitude really fucking annoys me. For a start there is arguably more great music out there today than at any point in popular music’s history, and it’s more readily available than ever. Sure, the music industry as a business may have collapsed in on itself but believe me, that is not a bad thing. If you feel bad about music executives not getting $35 a pop on the music that you’re now getting for free then I’m sorry, you don’t deserve good music anyway. We don’t need your pity. Some people are quite happy to listen to nothing but old music, and I find that really sad. Have you noticed that it’s almost always from … Read more

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Steven Sourman reviews Riot Radio’s favourite records

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back Steven Sourman: the beige face of backwards looking music journalism. I say, these Riot Radio fellows obviously have some doubts about their own music taste because they have asked for my expert advice on some of their favourite albums. I notice there’s no Prince amongst them so it looks like I’m in for a rough ride. Still, what do you expect from a bunch of people that refuse to fear modern music like the not-as-good-as-vintage-jazz juggernaut that it is? Anyway let’s have a look at these “albums” they have asked me to review (I say “album”, but Dark Side Of The Moon is an album – I doubt any of these could be synced in a non-ironic way with a Judy Garland movie): Best Coast – Crazy For You Hahaha, Riot Radio. You are joking with this one, surely? This sounds vaguely like any … Read more

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The State of Modern Music Part One by Steven Sourman

Introducing our newest contributor: Steven Sourman. In an attempt to balance out what Steven has referred to as the “liberal hipsterness” of Riot Radio, we’ve employed Steven to offer his more “traditional” view of music, for our more conservative readers. Thank you very much for having me on the site. Not sure about the pink, best keep my bottom to the wall when visiting the Riot Radio office in future, if you know what I mean. I see you’ve also got a link to those “MP3” things above too – good for you, they may even catch on, you never know. Now, music. It’s a well known fact that no music, no matter how good, will ever be as good as Prince was in 1989. So why people bother to write new music in 2011, when they could simply put together and release Prince compilation CDs is beyond me. If … Read more

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We’re all Etonians now

Since the theme of this page is the ‘death to conservative music journalism’ I think a recent article in The Guardian is exceedingly poignant.  It talks about, among other things the heavily conservative strain running through British Popular culture. The link is here and I will let you read it. I mean, it is well written, if a little, okay a lot, depressing. For those unacquainted with British politics, here’s a recap: In May 2010 the Conservative Party won, by way of a sleazy coalition agreement, the leadership of the United Kingdom.  They replaced a tired and, it seemed, long-in-the-tooth Labour administration headed by a tired, and long-in-the-tooth leader Gordon Brown. We all remember Britain for such musical acheivements as The Beatles, The Libertines, Oasis, the Kooks and Take That. You may remember Labour from such events as the 1997 British elections, Tony Blair hanging out with Noel Gallagher and … Read more

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