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Worst Albums Of All Time: The Verve – ‘Urban Hymns’

Welcome to our first ever guest blog post courtesy of Rory, one of the main men behind the excellent Guerrilla Geek site. Read on as he shows us up with his “researched back story” and “carefully thought out points”. Those things will never catch on. In September 1997, The Verve released what would become their biggest album ever. Urban Hymns became one of the best-selling albums of the year, earning nearly-unanimous critical praise, and has since regularly gained respectable placements on British “greatest albums of all time” media lists. Normally, I can simply shake my head at the vagaries that lead to such an album gaining a legacy like this, but in the case of Urban Hymns, I’m left with one nagging fact that prevents me from moving on: the album is a bad album. Now, I don’t mean a bad album in a Steps-this-music-is-so-tacky-it’s-almost-acceptable kind of way; Urban Hymns … Read more

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The Strokes – ‘Angles’

It’s difficult to measure The Strokes’ impact on the music of the last decade. I’ve talked about this extensively in the past, but suffice to say: if you think The Strokes are overrated, then you don’t remember how bad music was at the turn of the century. Angles is the first album from The Strokes in five years. Much like First Impressions Of Earth in 2006, it starts off incredibly strongly with three superb songs, before dive bombing Scrooge McDuck-style into the musical equivalent of a septic tank. It really is like they gave up half way through. Check out my full review of Angles over at Guerrilla Geek, where I’m going to be contributing the odd review from time to time. A great site, dedicated to all things great about geek culture, we’ve even added it to our “sites we like”. Can’t pay a higher compliment than that :-). … Read more

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The world will be a better place with a new Glasvegas album in it

Glasvegas’ eponymous debut from 2008 was a life affirming album. From the moment the drums kicked in on opener “Flowers and Football Tops” you had a sharp intake of breath and a sudden realisation: this is what rock music should sound like. Second track and single “Geraldine” was arguably the song of 2008, and tracks like “Go Square Go”, “It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry” and “Daddy’s Gone” – to name just a few of the absolutely stunning tracks on offer – all added up to a classic rock album of the highest order. The word “epic” is overused and cliched, yet it’s the perfect word to describe Glasvegas’ music. Mid tempo, grandiose and studio crafted, vocals delivered in a thick Glaswegian brogue by singer James Allan – looking uncannily like a young Joe Strummer – and beaten out by a female drummer who stands up when … Read more

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