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End of Year Round Up 2012

We caught up with the guys from The Egonomist for a special end of year musical podcast in which we discuss the best and worst music of 2012. Read more

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The Unfortunate Weezer Project

Remember last year when Mike placed Weezer’s Make Believe on the list of Worst Albums of All Time? He was right then and he’s right now. As Mike says, the Weezer all right thinking people know and love died that day. Why is it that whenever Weezer put out a new album we all clamour to find out if it’s a return to form? Why do we give Rivers Cuomo another chance when he’s proven time and again he’s Lucy Van Pelt to our Charlie Brown, forever taking away the football at the last second. I think it’s because Weezer’s first two albums are so good that we still think of them as a class band lacking a bit of form. Chatting with Mike and a few others over the years I’ve wondered if it’d be possible to scour the post 2000 Weezer catalog and make an album that’s as … Read more

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NME top 100 music videos (and some)

Another guest blog for you, folks. Elkano takes you through his favourite music videos of all time. So NME’s top 100 video’s list is interesting. I’ve had a poke through not only the top ten, but also the top 100, and all I really found was NME’s website is a horror show to navigate. Only joking, there are some definite pearlers in the list but there a few crucial ones missing for me. And thus I started crafting my own personal top ten videos list. After faffing around for four hours, I realized it was just too difficult to balance the notion of “popular videos” versus my own torrid musical preferences. So I copped out like Switzerland in the forties and thought I would just write about a few great music vids. So here is the official list of “A few good videos I know and thought I would share” … Read more

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Worst Albums Of All Time: The Verve – ‘Urban Hymns’

Welcome to our first ever guest blog post courtesy of Rory, one of the main men behind the excellent Guerrilla Geek site. Read on as he shows us up with his “researched back story” and “carefully thought out points”. Those things will never catch on. In September 1997, The Verve released what would become their biggest album ever. Urban Hymns became one of the best-selling albums of the year, earning nearly-unanimous critical praise, and has since regularly gained respectable placements on British “greatest albums of all time” media lists. Normally, I can simply shake my head at the vagaries that lead to such an album gaining a legacy like this, but in the case of Urban Hymns, I’m left with one nagging fact that prevents me from moving on: the album is a bad album. Now, I don’t mean a bad album in a Steps-this-music-is-so-tacky-it’s-almost-acceptable kind of way; Urban Hymns … Read more

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