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Fucked Up – ‘Year of the Tiger’/ ‘Onno’

In our Best Songs of 2011 post I mentioned that I like Fucked Up a lot, but I found singer Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham’s vocals a bit one dimensional after a while. I still stand by that, but admit that it’s kind of a personal taste thing rather than any flaw with the band itself. I guess it’s just from being someone that was heavily into punk when I was younger: when you hear something that is so obviously punk on top of music that is so new and different you kind of wonder “what if they’d tried something a bit different with the vocals there?”. However new song “Year of the Tiger” is a different kettle of fish entirely. A fifteen minute long psychedelic epic in which not only do Pink Eyes’ vocals not get tiresome, they work perfectly with the build and transformation of the song. This is … Read more

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The Strokes – ‘Angles’

It’s difficult to measure The Strokes’ impact on the music of the last decade. I’ve talked about this extensively in the past, but suffice to say: if you think The Strokes are overrated, then you don’t remember how bad music was at the turn of the century. Angles is the first album from The Strokes in five years. Much like First Impressions Of Earth in 2006, it starts off incredibly strongly with three superb songs, before dive bombing Scrooge McDuck-style into the musical equivalent of a septic tank. It really is like they gave up half way through. Check out my full review of Angles over at Guerrilla Geek, where I’m going to be contributing the odd review from time to time. A great site, dedicated to all things great about geek culture, we’ve even added it to our “sites we like”. Can’t pay a higher compliment than that :-). … Read more

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Tips for getting your music pressed on vinyl

This is an article I originally wrote for the Facebook group I work for a NZ music website named MusicHype and we recently released our first vinyl compilation – The NZ Indie Mixtape, a collection of up and coming NZ bands as selected by our members. Getting something released on vinyl is an intimidating concept, and as we found out, there is a bit of a learning curve involved. So I thought it might be helpful to share some of our experiences and what we’d learned with anyone that may be thinking of releasing music on vinyl. What company to go with? This was a really tough one for us, as most vinyl pressers expect a certain amount of knowledge on your part as to what you are paying for. It’s hard to know what you’re getting for your money and what’s included in the price. Most companies will send … Read more

Posted in MusicHype, Tips | Tagged | 4 Comments | Polls: Worst Song of the Year 2010 Polls: Worst Song of the Year 2010. Just finished putting this together for Musichype. 2010 was a great year for music, but just like any other year there was some complete arse as well. As you can imagine, Ke$ha, Rhianna, Eminem and the Black Eyed Peas feature prominently, as do all sorts of other autotunes monstrosities. I refrained from putting some Kings of Leon in there, but I did manage to get a nice dig at Prince in with an abomination called “Sticky Like Glue” (“If I absolutely had to listen to any pop star who wore all purple, I think I’d go for Barney”) that features a rap bit. Yes rapping in a Prince song. It’s the aural equivalent of being stabbed in the ear with a purple knitting needle. And yeah, Beiber’s in there too. Check out the full thing at MusicHype and cast your vote. Tweet

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10 Great Albums From The Last Decade That You May Have Missed

An article I wrote a few months ago for MusicHype. I’d been thinking about all these great albums I had that never really took off, for whatever reason. All of them are really great albums – there was no filler to pad out the content and get numbers up to ten. The great thing about the internet age is that music is available to everyone, all the time. Musical trends are less important than they used to be – if you’re a fan of a certain type of music, chances are someone, somewhere is doing it with a sizeable internet following. One downside however is that it’s a lot easier for great albums to get lost in the sheer volume of releases available at internet users’ fingertips. Here’s my picks of a few good ‘uns that you may have missed. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – “The Chronicles of a … Read more

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My Chemical Romance – “Danger Days: The Lives of The Faboulous Killjoys”

Review I wrote for MusicHype this week, on the new My Chemical Romance album. It’s pretty decent but not great. “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was always going to struggle in the heavy shadow cast by its predecessor, 2006s The Black Parade. The latter was a genre defining behemoth of a rock album: capturing the zeitgeist and proving to anyone that would listen that there was more to this whole “emo” thing than shit haircuts and whiney teenagers. This should’ve been obvious to most hardcore music fans already, because to be honest if you were getting your ideas about music from tabloids and television sitcoms, then you should really get out more.” Read the full review here. Tweet

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