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NME Predicts the Return of Guitar Rock in 2013, Monkeys Throw Poo

I had to chuckle when I saw this one on “Radio 1 boss, Rough Trade and Paul Weller predict the return of guitar music in 2013”. Well of course they do. This is about as startling a revelation as Snow Patrol predicting piano-driven snore-fests as the next big musical movement, or Nicky Minaj predicting a fashion surge in stupid fucking purple wigs and collagen. I used to love NME. For a long time they were THE source of all things Indie Rock and UK based. But sadly, in the last few years the UK indie rock scene has been more than a little tired and uninspired, with the cutting edge of new music swinging accross the other side of the Atlantic as it is want to do every decade or so. The last time the NME were on point was with the Klaxons – roughly the same time as … Read more

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Why the fuck do people like Mumford and Sons so much?

Mumford and Sons are average as shit. I mean, honestly, I’m not even sure if their name is supposed to be spelt with an ampersand or the word “and”, because when visiting their Wikipedia page to find out, I actually fell asleep before I was able to read anything. It’s not that Mumford and Sons are the worst band in the world (that spot is still reserved for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and their knuckle-dragging legions – God bless ’em, it’s important to know there’s a floor on these things), but why do so many people love them when there are so many bands out there writing better music? The people that like Mumford and Sons are the same people that made bands like Snow Patrol, Jack Johnson and Coldplay famous – basically people who like their sleep therapy put to music. Someone coming up to you and telling … Read more

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The thought of a new Red Hot Chili Peppers album makes me weep for humanity

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are the worst. I mean the absolute worst. I’m not exaggerating. The fact that they are currently leading our Worst Albums Of All Time chart is absolutely no mistake. And now it’s that time again. Every three or four years the Chilis part cheeks and excrete forth another brown nugget of near identical tunes and the whole world goes completely nuts for it. As a huge music fan (or music snob, whatever you want to call me) you just can’t imagine what a depressing prospect this is for me. There is so much great music out there these days, and the idea that people would push all of it aside in favour of another slap bass induced 80s cock rock fest is just completely depressing. I mean can you really tell the difference between their last few singles? “Dani California”, “Scar Tissue”, “Californication”, “By The … Read more

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Worst Albums Of All Time: Bob Dylan – ‘Christmas In The Heart’

This week’s worst album was nominated by bsidebeats. Let us know your nominations either in the comments or by tweeting at us with the hashtag #worstalbums. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that musicians get worse at writing songs as they get older. Now before you say something like “How can you rag on the classics – what have you ever done?” – for which you would be taking quite a reasonable stance – like most people, I am not immune to the charms of early Bob Dylan. As a sixties singer songwriter and folk troubadour there were few that came close to either his songwriting or his charisma. His folk work is as moving today as it was at the time: a natural extension of the rebelliousness of Woodie Guthrie, updated for the beatnicks and pre-love generation. When he plugged in at Newport in 1965 it signified one of the … Read more

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Introducing the Worst Albums of All Time Chart

As a regular feature on Riot Radio, we’re going to be reviewing the worst albums of all time, and charting and ranking them on a chart of awfulness. Kind of like the Grammys but without the corporate sponsorship and cynical self back-patting. How its going to work – we want nominations for albums you think are truly awful. Let’s forget the likes of Justin Bieber and Britney Spears for now (although I’m not ruling them out totally – Ke$ha in particular deserves attention) and focus on albums or bands that are actually liked by some otherwise sane adults: U2 and Coldplay are good examples. Special attention will be given to albums that are considered classics but are actually thinly disguised, overproduced pieces of shit – anything by Prince for example. After every “review” we’ll chart the results on our ultimate Worst Album of All Time Chart, and we’ll see what … Read more

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Three Overrated Albums of 2010

While we’ve already established that 2010 was a damn good year for music, every year there’s always a few bands whose worth gets blown out of all proportion. In 2009 Animal Collective was the big one for me – I tried and tried, but even after a dozen listens they still sounded like a hipster humpback whale pumping out a Cleveland steamer after a hard night on the vindaloo. Here are three bands and albums that I felt got more than their fair share of attention in 2010. The National – High Violet I keep thinking someone is pulling my leg when I hear people raving about this album. Didn’t they release this already, a few years ago? If I wanted to listen to Joy Division-lite, I’d listen to early New Order. Yet every couple of years The National release a new album that sounds exactly like the last one … Read more

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