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Our Top 25 Songs of 2011

What a year it was! So much great music. Arcade Fire even won a Grammy (albeit about 7 years and two albums too late), for what that’s worth in 2011. And boy, there were some great songs – too many to limit to a top ten this year. So here’s our favourite 25 songs from the year that was 2011… 25. Blink 182 – “Up All Night” Mike: Remember when you were younger and you used to like music for the sheer enjoyment of it: you loved what you loved and fashions didn’t matter? How as you got older things like trends and what your friends liked started to obscure and influence your taste, and how this sometimes meant that you couldn’t always like things just because they were good? How this made you overlook things like the fact that, despite the dick jokes and American Pie soundtracks, Blink 182 … Read more

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Streaming: Best of 2011 (Part One) Mix

It’s halfway through the year, so it’s time for a “Best Of The Year So Far” compilation. It’s just like a radio station except with recent music, noone is trying to sell you vacuum cleaner insurance between songs, and without the same Lady Gaga song played three times in every hour. So in the spirit of radio: huddle round your phonic devices, light your cigars, remove your pants, and listen in. (I believe that’s how they did it). Best of 2011 (Part One) Mix by Riot Radio Endless Blue – The Horrors Belong – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Georgia – Yuck 50 Ways – Telekinesis Thunder On The Mountain – Wanda Jackson (feat. Jack White) Cold Feet – Liam Finn Under Cover Of Darkness – The Strokes Mind Your Manners – Chiddy Bang Sylvia – Emmy The Great Humdrum Town – Theophilus London* January Hymn – The … Read more

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Some cool recent stuff that I’ve been listening to

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, folks. Been busy as shit. Expect more content soon, plus more guest posts and more awesomeness etc etc. Anyway, as a stop gap, here’s some cool recent shit that’s been floating my boat lately. Hope you like ’em. Wilco – “I Might” One thing’s for sure, the release of a new Wilco album is an event. While I like pretty much everything Jeff Tweedy has ever done, I do feel that Wilco’s best studio years are behind them. But hey, I honestly hope I’m wrong, and they are absolutely the type of band that have the capacity to surprise you with every move. Also, I’ve found with every album since A Ghost Is Born the songs don’t really take on their true colours until you’ve seen them performed live. So fingers crossed for another NZ tour in 2011. Anyway, the new album is … Read more

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Free download: New Chiddy Bang mixtape – ‘Peanut Butter and Swelly’

2011 has been a great year for hip hop so far. And it just got better, because today one of our favourite acts, Chiddy Bang, released their new mixtape for free via iLLRoots. Chiddy Bang write the type of upbeat hip hop that you can move to. The beats are as much of a star as Chiddy’s rapping, with eclectic 8 bit beats, Happy hardcore samples, mashed up backing music constructed from Motown, Ska, Indie rock and pretty much anything. (It’s actually amazing that more hip hop hasn’t been constructing from Motown samples – the Motown beat is perfect and the choruses work perfectly). Peanut Butter and Swelly is a mixtape of 15 brand new tracks and features some of their best work to date. They promise full album Breakfast will be their next release. Check out the video trailer below, and get the mixtape for free from iLLRoots here. … Read more

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Best New Music: 2011 so far

There’s been a lot of great music this year so far. Here’s a few albums I recommend from the last 6 months or so (Warning: may contain traces of 2010). I’ve included clips so you can decide for yourself (you’re welcome). Yuck – “Yuck” The 90s are back! And not in a current New Zealand government, blindly repeating the mistakes of the past way, but in a didn’t realise how much we’d missed them, manages to sound old but somehow new again sort of way. Mixing the best bits of Dinosaur Jr, Silkworm, The Breeders, My Bloody Valentine and all that wonderful grunginess that permeated the first half of the decade, this album is basically cool as shit. There are short Sebadoh-ish rocky songs, “nicer” Lemonheads kinda ones, down to longer Sonic Youth-esque rambles. But the album somehow exists right in the here and now: old is somehow new again. … Read more

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Mike’s Top 10 of 2010 – ALBUMS

What a great year for music. Here’s my take on the what I thought the best albums of 2010 were. Best Albums Wavves – “King of the Beach” Scratchy guitars and shouty songs about going to the beach and being an idiot. This album is irresistible – it’s impossible not to get excited by Wavves’ energy. Definitely the album I’ve listened to the most this year, I really can’t recommend this highly enough. Best Coast – “Crazy for You” It’s unashamedly pop music – which is perhaps why it was missing from a lot of people’s end of year lists – but that’s what I like about it. Sunny melodies, guitars and giant pop hooks. A breath of fresh air, and a great summer soundtrack. Broken Bells – “Broken Bells” A supergroup made up of James Mercer from The Shins and star producer Dangermouse was always going to turn heads, … Read more

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