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Steven Sourman reviews Riot Radio’s favourite records

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back Steven Sourman: the beige face of backwards looking music journalism. I say, these Riot Radio fellows obviously have some doubts about their own music taste because they have asked for my expert advice on some of their favourite albums. I notice there’s no Prince amongst them so it looks like I’m in for a rough ride. Still, what do you expect from a bunch of people that refuse to fear modern music like the not-as-good-as-vintage-jazz juggernaut that it is? Anyway let’s have a look at these “albums” they have asked me to review (I say “album”, but Dark Side Of The Moon is an album – I doubt any of these could be synced in a non-ironic way with a Judy Garland movie): Best Coast – Crazy For You Hahaha, Riot Radio. You are joking with this one, surely? This sounds vaguely like any … Read more

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Scared New World

I have always thought conservatism tended to arise from one of two things; upbringing (early onset conservatism) or fear (adult onset conservatism).  It was sometimes a mixture but, as an optimist, I have always felt it was curable.  However, the philosophical, moral and political tortoise-shell of conservatism is far reaching and effects very strongly both the music the conservative listens to, and the format in which they listen to it. Now, I’ll start by making a few things clear.  The first thing is I am not really talking about political conservatism or, shall we say, ‘Big-C’ Conservatism.  Being posh or being scared of the modern world influences the way people vote and the views that they hold but this is neither the time nor the place.  I will add though, for the record, that I picked John Key as an OpShop fan from the moment I laid eyes on him, I really … Read more

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