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Fucked Up – ‘Year of the Tiger’/ ‘Onno’

In our Best Songs of 2011 post I mentioned that I like Fucked Up a lot, but I found singer Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham’s vocals a bit one dimensional after a while. I still stand by that, but admit that it’s kind of a personal taste thing rather than any flaw with the band itself. I guess it’s just from being someone that was heavily into punk when I was younger: when you hear something that is so obviously punk on top of music that is so new and different you kind of wonder “what if they’d tried something a bit different with the vocals there?”. However new song “Year of the Tiger” is a different kettle of fish entirely. A fifteen minute long psychedelic epic in which not only do Pink Eyes’ vocals not get tiresome, they work perfectly with the build and transformation of the song. This is … Read more

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Our Top 25 Songs of 2011

What a year it was! So much great music. Arcade Fire even won a Grammy (albeit about 7 years and two albums too late), for what that’s worth in 2011. And boy, there were some great songs – too many to limit to a top ten this year. So here’s our favourite 25 songs from the year that was 2011… 25. Blink 182 – “Up All Night” Mike: Remember when you were younger and you used to like music for the sheer enjoyment of it: you loved what you loved and fashions didn’t matter? How as you got older things like trends and what your friends liked started to obscure and influence your taste, and how this sometimes meant that you couldn’t always like things just because they were good? How this made you overlook things like the fact that, despite the dick jokes and American Pie soundtracks, Blink 182 … Read more

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New music: Some of my favourite recent albums

After last week’s bile fest, here’s something to help wash away the horrid aftertaste of the new RHCP song. To restore your faith in modern music, and humanity in general, here’s a few recent albums that I’ve been loving. Remember, there’s more good music than bad out there, you just gotta look. David Comes To Life – FUCKED UP A hardcore punk concept album from Toronto Canada’s Fucked Up. While the vocals are pure 80s hardcore, the songs are anything but: complex arrangements, female backing vocals and a guitar sound to die for. Must be heard to be believed. Coastal Grooves – BLOOD ORANGE I’ve already posted the full stream of this album a few weeks ago, but I’m still obsessively listening to it so figured it deserved another mention. Here’s Dev Hynes performing its opening song while dressed as a fucking wizard way back in 2009. That’s a contender … Read more

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