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Laneways, Here We Come. Or in this case, went.

The Auckland leg of the Australian-based Laneway Festival has rapidly become New Zealand’s best show-case festival of indie music.  Pretty much every year the line-up in of guitar-pop cooks, and each year the range of acts has expanded to encapsulate a lot of interesting music. Notable has been the expansion of the array of electronic music and hip-hop heavy-hitters. As well as having a hot line-up Laneway is probably one of the better organised festivals, especially for one that’s slap-bang in the middle of downtown Auckland where nothing usually works properly.  With an array of actually edible foods on sale and almost enough porta-loos, it sets in apart from most other rock festivals I’ve attended. The crowd is usually pretty chill and relatively shirtless-douchebag-free.  Sure, the ‘drink buying’ exchange-your-cash-for-tickets-and-your-ticket-for-drinks carry-on is fucking idiotic but I think this has more to do with the pearl-clutching, Tutt-Tuttarati at the Council than it does … Read more

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Way Back in Ninety Fo’ (Mostly Gangsta) Hip Hop Mix

Summer seems to have finally hit the NZ shores and what better way to enjoy the sunshine than by chilling with some old school hip hop. This is a collection of some of the hip hop classics that my friends and I grew up listening to on the mean streets of Newlands, Wellington. Enjoy! Way Back In Ninety Fo’ – Mostly Gangsta Mix by Riot Radio I Wrote this Song A Long Time Ago (Part 1) – Dave Chapelle GZ Up Ho’s Down – Snoop Doggy Dogg This is the Shack – The Dove Shack & Warren G Ya Lil’ Crumbsnatchers – Del tha Funkee Homosapien Ugly Bitches – Coolio Soul Flower – The Pharcyde Gangsta Sermon – Warren G Can’t C Me – 2Pac & George Clinton Bop Gun – Ice Cube & George Clinton Award Tour – A Tribe Called Quest Lucas With The Lid Off – Lucas … Read more

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The State of Modern Music by Steven Sourman – Part Two – Hip-hop: Music?

Introducing our newest contributor: Steven Sourman. In an attempt to balance out what Steven has referred to as the “liberal hipsterness” of Riot Radio, we’ve employed Steven to offer his more “traditional” view of music, for our more conservative readers. Good evening, I assume you are reading this in the evening, as this is clearly a ‘personal interest’ website entry and you couldn’t be doing that at work.  If you are, cease and desist viewing this content at once!  You will get fired because as we all know the internet sucks away time from your working day.  Also, what you may not be aware of is that the internet not only sucks away your working hours but it somehow sucks away valuable information about your company. Or your life. Be vigilant! To be honest, the internet should be avoided at all costs unless you are sitting at home, you are done with … Read more

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