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Soundwave 2015

Last weekend, I got on a plane with significant other and a few other bods, and headed to Melbourne for a long weekend incorporating much shopping (for the ladies), consumption of beverages, and the 2015 edition of Australia’s Soundwave Festival (the inaugural 2-day edition). I’ll be honest – having been lucky enough to attend the 25th Anniversary Wacken Open Air in 2014, Soundwave was kind of an afterthought (with tickets kindly acquired by our housesitter in our absence). The lineup was announced, and there were a couple of bands that I was excited about, but by and large I thought it was kind of average. 2 days before we went over, it was announced that there would be no public transport to the showgrounds, which kind of worried me a bit, but it all turned out for the best. Turns out there were 18 other events on in Melbourne over … Read more

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