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Best Albums of the Year 2013

So, 2013 eh? Maybe it was just because it was the year I finally got round to getting a paid Spotify account, but it seemed to me that there was a ridiculous amount of great music in 2013. It definitely felt like an album year to me, so hopefully you’ll find a few on this list that you really dig. As with the songs, we didn’t set a limit to the albums on this list – there were as many great albums as there were great albums, so setting a fixed limit seemed to defeat the purpose. We’re joined by Dave and Bren and you can hear our Egonomist podcast of the year in music here. We’ve also got a Best of 2013 Spotify playlist here. Enjoy! Later… When The Tv Turns To Static – Glasvegas Mike: Glasvegas’ 2008 debut album was a true classic:t song after song of anthemic … Read more

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New music mix – February 2013

So 2013 is shaping up to be a pretty great year for music all ready. We’ve already had a new Postal Service track after 10 years, not to mention the first new My Bloody Valentine record in 22 years(!). Plus on the horizon we’ve got new albums on the way from old Riot Radio favourites like Wavves, Theophilus and Bad Religion. Plus there’s already been a handful of exciting new acts ripping shit up: Free Energy, Pure Love, Joey Bada$$, and Bleeding Rainbow to name just a few. Read more

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Review: My Bloody Valentine – ‘m b v’

If the Mayans were wrong about the apocalypse, then surely the release of a new My Bloody Valentine album is a much more significant sign that the end times are upon us. Their last album – the undeniably classic Loveless – was released in 1991, and despite the band never officially breaking up, the development of a follow up has been in the works since the mid 90s. Just think about all the water under the bridge since then: since Loveless‘s release we’ve had grunge, the entire golden era of hip hop, the rise of electronic music, hell, even the internet wasn’t around to any recognisable extent in 1991. The world is a very different place since My Bloody Valentine last released some original music. That’s a lot of historical baggage to be saddled with. The trick to enjoying new albums from classic bands is to listen to them for … Read more

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