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NME Predicts the Return of Guitar Rock in 2013, Monkeys Throw Poo

I had to chuckle when I saw this one on NME.com: “Radio 1 boss, Rough Trade and Paul Weller predict the return of guitar music in 2013”. Well of course they do. This is about as startling a revelation as Snow Patrol predicting piano-driven snore-fests as the next big musical movement, or Nicky Minaj predicting a fashion surge in stupid fucking purple wigs and collagen. I used to love NME. For a long time they were THE source of all things Indie Rock and UK based. But sadly, in the last few years the UK indie rock scene has been more than a little tired and uninspired, with the cutting edge of new music swinging accross the other side of the Atlantic as it is want to do every decade or so. The last time the NME were on point was with the Klaxons – roughly the same time as … Read more

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NME top 100 music videos (and some)

Another guest blog for you, folks. Elkano takes you through his favourite music videos of all time. So NME’s top 100 video’s list is interesting. I’ve had a poke through not only the top ten, but also the top 100, and all I really found was NME’s website is a horror show to navigate. Only joking, there are some definite pearlers in the list but there a few crucial ones missing for me. And thus I started crafting my own personal top ten videos list. After faffing around for four hours, I realized it was just too difficult to balance the notion of “popular videos” versus my own torrid musical preferences. So I copped out like Switzerland in the forties and thought I would just write about a few great music vids. So here is the official list of “A few good videos I know and thought I would share” … Read more

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Discovering a Sound About The Same Time as Everybody Else Does but Before NME

The weird thing about trends or movements or ‘sounds’ is you think that there is an age where you would not only cease to care, but even if you did want to be ‘hip Uncle Dan’ and keep up with the kids, you’d stop hearing about, or relating to them.  Obviously being ‘hip Uncle Dan’ is pretty specific to me but you get the idea; you’d be essentially locked out of paradise because of your age, questionable sexual motives and bad breath. Okay, again, fairly specific. You would think you would cease to ‘get it’, but above all, you would also cease to care because, by and large, once you are out of the identity-formation stage of adolescence  ou realise, for the most part, the movements and scenes and zeitgeists that surround a ‘sound’ are nought but vapid fashion. And the shoes often hurt and are wholly impractical. When I first heard No Age’s … Read more

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