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Best Songs of the Year 2013

2013 was an amazing year. If you didn’t hear any music you liked then you simply weren’t listening. It definitely felt like more of an albums year to me though, which is why you’ll find that a lot of the songs on the list are from otherwise disappointing albums or are from one-off single releases – we didn’t want to double up too much with our albums list. This year we roped in some mates to help us through our critique of albums: meet Dave and Bren. You can also hear us talking about the year in music on Dave and Dan’s Egonomist podcast, and check out our Best of 2013 Spotify playlist. Enjoy our best songs of 2013! (Albums coming soon) “Bullet” – Franz Ferdinand Mike: Any year with a new Franz Ferdinand release in it is a good one. And while Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action was … Read more

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No One-Chord Ponies

As Mani announces his departure to devote his life to the Lord’s work (by which I mean, obviously, the reformed Stone Roses) and front man Bobby Gillespie channels the spirit of Spinal Tap to announce the next Primal Scream record will be based around ‘one chord’ I think it is timely to have a look back at the godlike genius that is Primal Scream.  Aside from being based around, one can only assume, The Greatest Chord Ever Known, Gillespie also told NME that the next record will also be very heavily influenced by their 20th anniversary touring of their classic Screamadelica album in 2011. So, will it be Screamadelica 2? I sincerely hope not. I will firstly point out that Screamadelica is one of my favourite records of all time.  My Top Five’ change fairly regularly and but it’s unlikely that there has been a time when Primal Scream’s epic pean to the party to end all parties has … Read more

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Five lesser known Stone Roses classics

The Stone Roses announced this week that they are reuniting. I’m a huge fan, so for me this reunion is some of the most exciting music news for quite some time. The Stone Roses are arguably one of the most important and exciting bands of the last 30 years, and they ended at a point where it seemed like they still had so much to give. They were kind of like the English equivalent of the Pixies (but with a tad more mainstream success) – great songs, but with an experimental edge and a “who gives a fuck” attitude to what their contemporaries were up to musically. Their three reunion shows also just sold out in the fastest time ever for a UK rock show. In short: the Stone Roses getting back together is a very big deal indeed. So if you’re not excited by the announcement of their reformation, … Read more

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