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Turn your ‘Playlists’ to ‘Yay-lists’

Humans are social beings. Evolutionarily speaking, we have moved towards living in larger and larger communities.  People with large social networks have power and influence.  People who have no mates are dubbed ‘Nigel No-Mates’, and other people assume that they’ll live at home with their parents well into their forties and they’ll even go as far as to speculate that there’s ‘something going on’ between them and their sister. In many respects this is why popular music has become so important to our lives; it is the soundtrack to our socialising. Ever since our Neanderthal ancestors first said “Hey, this party is a bit quiet, let’s put this Leo Sayer record on” a good soundtrack has been part of every major social life event; be it a ‘party’, ‘wedding’ or ‘community meeting to decide what to do about the large number of immigrants moving into the area’. What people want though, as well as music, is variation. No … Read more

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Way Back in Ninety Fo’ (Mostly Gangsta) Hip Hop Mix

Summer seems to have finally hit the NZ shores and what better way to enjoy the sunshine than by chilling with some old school hip hop. This is a collection of some of the hip hop classics that my friends and I grew up listening to on the mean streets of Newlands, Wellington. Enjoy! Way Back In Ninety Fo’ – Mostly Gangsta Mix by Riot Radio I Wrote this Song A Long Time Ago (Part 1) – Dave Chapelle GZ Up Ho’s Down – Snoop Doggy Dogg This is the Shack – The Dove Shack & Warren G Ya Lil’ Crumbsnatchers – Del tha Funkee Homosapien Ugly Bitches – Coolio Soul Flower – The Pharcyde Gangsta Sermon – Warren G Can’t C Me – 2Pac & George Clinton Bop Gun – Ice Cube & George Clinton Award Tour – A Tribe Called Quest Lucas With The Lid Off – Lucas … Read more

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