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Five lesser known Stone Roses classics

The Stone Roses announced this week that they are reuniting. I’m a huge fan, so for me this reunion is some of the most exciting music news for quite some time. The Stone Roses are arguably one of the most important and exciting bands of the last 30 years, and they ended at a point where it seemed like they still had so much to give. They were kind of like the English equivalent of the Pixies (but with a tad more mainstream success) – great songs, but with an experimental edge and a “who gives a fuck” attitude to what their contemporaries were up to musically. Their three reunion shows also just sold out in the fastest time ever for a UK rock show. In short: the Stone Roses getting back together is a very big deal indeed. So if you’re not excited by the announcement of their reformation, … Read more

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5 Lead Guitarists That Don’t Suck

Musical showmanship is often the antithesis of good music. More often than not, guitar wankery sounds absolutely horrible and is used to cover up sub standard songwriting. I’m talking about people like Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughan, even people like Eric Clapton. That stuff is the worst. It’s like a shit pie: you can dress it up to look appealing on the outside, but a quick bite and you’ll find a solid core of excrement. To paraphrase the movie The Commitments: there’s nothing worse than listening to a band where the musicians are enjoying themselves more than the audience. Every now and then though, I find myself rather enjoying the odd bit of guitar noodling. Often it’s when it’s used to compliment the songwriting: it adds to the overall picture rather than obscuring it with audio fireworks. The type of lead guitarists whose riffs are interesting: they are as well … Read more

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Steven Sourman reviews Riot Radio’s favourite records

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back Steven Sourman: the beige face of backwards looking music journalism. I say, these Riot Radio fellows obviously have some doubts about their own music taste because they have asked for my expert advice on some of their favourite albums. I notice there’s no Prince amongst them so it looks like I’m in for a rough ride. Still, what do you expect from a bunch of people that refuse to fear modern music like the not-as-good-as-vintage-jazz juggernaut that it is? Anyway let’s have a look at these “albums” they have asked me to review (I say “album”, but Dark Side Of The Moon is an album – I doubt any of these could be synced in a non-ironic way with a Judy Garland movie): Best Coast – Crazy For You Hahaha, Riot Radio. You are joking with this one, surely? This sounds vaguely like any … Read more

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Top Songs: The Seahorses – ‘Love Is The Law’

Let’s get the main thing sorted first: John Squire is a fucken badass. Normally I don’t go in for guitar wankery, but Squire is one of those few guitarists who I could quite happily listen to playing lead all day: the extended opening to “Love Spreads“, or the outtro to “I Am The Resurrection” for example. Most famous for his work with the ill-fated but justifiably revered Stone Roses, The Seahorses were Squire’s post-Roses band after he quit the former rather suddenly in 1995. (As many have pointed out, “The Seahorses” is an anagram for “He Hates Roses”). Released in 1997, The Seahorses’ debut album Do It Yourself was a bright, happy Britpop album, the difference being those guitar parts. Admittedly still in his indulgent (read:cocaine) phase, and given that he was basically now the band leader, there are a lot of long guitar parts on the album, and it … Read more

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