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Best Albums of the Year 2015

B4.DA.$$ – Joey Bada$$ Mike: I’ve been waiting a long time for Joey’s album to drop after the very promising 1999 mixtape way back in 2012 and his superb 2013 collaboration with DJ Premier on “Unorthodox”. And finally, in early 2015 his debut album, the awesomely named B4.DA.$$ (pronounced “Before Da Money”) finally came out. Is it worth the wait? Yeah, it’s really really good, if not amazing. Joey’s rhymes are as great as ever and there’s a tonne of killer tunes on here: “Curry Chicken”, “Paper Trail$”, “Christ Conscious”, “No. 99”. But it’s not my favourite hip hop album of the year (that would me Malik B and Mr Green’s Unpredictable) and I’m not sure why. Maybe I was spoilt by the aforementioned Premier collab, but I feel like perhaps the beats could’ve been a bit more interesting or innovative to match such a talented and charismatic rapper. I … Read more

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Great, and slightly unsung, bands of the recent era: The Vines

That New York fall of 2001 the world changed forever.  People often say that centuries begin not on the first day of that century but are forged in the clearing dust of a cataclysmic event.  Few would argue that rock music was the same after The Strokes released ‘Is This It?’.  For a while there it was a worry.  For a while there at the end of the century those nonces that are forever saying ‘rock is dead’ seemed like they could be onto something.  Through the blaring stupidity of a hundred sub-moronic nu-metal bands, the refried mulch of Pearl Jam’s 900th album,  and the tongue-in-cheek death-throes of whatever-the-heck-wave punk it looked a bit grim. But then came  The Strokes, looking a bit like the Ramones’ cuter cousins and sounding a bit like The Stooges, made you wonder where it had been all this time because it was just so, … Read more

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We’re all Etonians now

Since the theme of this page is the ‘death to conservative music journalism’ I think a recent article in The Guardian is exceedingly poignant.  It talks about, among other things the heavily conservative strain running through British Popular culture. The link is here and I will let you read it. I mean, it is well written, if a little, okay a lot, depressing. For those unacquainted with British politics, here’s a recap: In May 2010 the Conservative Party won, by way of a sleazy coalition agreement, the leadership of the United Kingdom.  They replaced a tired and, it seemed, long-in-the-tooth Labour administration headed by a tired, and long-in-the-tooth leader Gordon Brown. We all remember Britain for such musical acheivements as The Beatles, The Libertines, Oasis, the Kooks and Take That. You may remember Labour from such events as the 1997 British elections, Tony Blair hanging out with Noel Gallagher and … Read more

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