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Best Songs of the Year 2014

Our best songs of the year just gone, complete with playlist and podcast. Read more

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The Unfortunate Weezer Project

Remember last year when Mike placed Weezer’s Make Believe on the list of Worst Albums of All Time? He was right then and he’s right now. As Mike says, the Weezer all right thinking people know and love died that day. Why is it that whenever Weezer put out a new album we all clamour to find out if it’s a return to form? Why do we give Rivers Cuomo another chance when he’s proven time and again he’s Lucy Van Pelt to our Charlie Brown, forever taking away the football at the last second. I think it’s because Weezer’s first two albums are so good that we still think of them as a class band lacking a bit of form. Chatting with Mike and a few others over the years I’ve wondered if it’d be possible to scour the post 2000 Weezer catalog and make an album that’s as … Read more

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Worst Albums Of All Time: Weezer – ‘Make Believe’

This week’s worst album was nominated by Elkano. Thanks for all your nominations – we’ll be revisiting some of the others very soon, we promise. This album marks a turning point in the Worst Albums Of All Time Saga: this is the first album by a band that I actually like. Or more accurately, the first album by a band whose albums I liked before this one. I fall into the same category as a lot of long-time Weezer fans. We are the Star Wars fans of music – we’ll always have our original trilogy, and whatever came afterwards be damned. Much like Star Wars fans, we’ve often kidded ourselves: “Raditude was OK really, at least it didn’t take itself too seriously” or “there weren’t as many furry animals in this one”. But who are we kidding? Our beloved Weezer died with Make Believe, never to return. You see, it’s … Read more

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Five great follow up albums

It’s extremely difficult to pull off a decent follow up album to a successful debut or breakthrough record. Think about it: the majority of follow ups to major albums are either disappointing in that they fail to follow the lofty expectations set by their predecessor, or suffer from an ill advised change of direction that alienates existing fans. Think Oasis’s “Be Here Now”*, Michael Jackson’s aptly named “Bad” (too soon?), The Stone Roses’ “Second Coming”, or Snoop Dogg’s awful “The Doggfather” (does anyone even remember that one?). All of which is completely understandable given the huge amounts of pressure from fans and record labels, which makes it even more impressive when a band actually pulls a great follow up album out of the bag. Here are a few of my favourites (Lets just take “In Utero” as a given, OK?): Weezer, “Pinkerton” – The quintessential dark follow up. A pop … Read more

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