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Sonic mass: Mogwai give Wellington a Glaswegian kick to the bollocks

Mogwai, supported by Mick Turner, 6 March 2015, James Cabaret, Wellington  Set list There was once a “rave” called Sonic Mass. “A sonic gathering of creation” touted the poster. I was sixteen, fair of ginge, and it was the first time I was ever moved by music. But let me clarify here, when I say moved, I am not referring to an emotional state, I mean actually moved by the music, physically stimulated – “dear shit, this music is slapping me around!” It was our first rave, and as my young cohorts and I approached the outdoor carpark venue on Lukes Lane, I felt my stomach shaking, the bones of my rib cage jittering and the sound from the massive speakers pushing at the air creating a soft pulsing breeze on our face and gently muting our eardrums with a cavernous wall of noise. We hadn’t even gotten inside yet. … Read more

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