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Our Top 25 Songs of 2011

What a year it was! So much great music. Arcade Fire even won a Grammy (albeit about 7 years and two albums too late), for what that’s worth in 2011. And boy, there were some great songs – too many to limit to a top ten this year. So here’s our favourite 25 songs from the year that was 2011… 25. Blink 182 – “Up All Night” Mike: Remember when you were younger and you used to like music for the sheer enjoyment of it: you loved what you loved and fashions didn’t matter? How as you got older things like trends and what your friends liked started to obscure and influence your taste, and how this sometimes meant that you couldn’t always like things just because they were good? How this made you overlook things like the fact that, despite the dick jokes and American Pie soundtracks, Blink 182 … Read more

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Wilco – The Whole Love

Wilco have a new album due out on September 27th entitled The Whole Love, their eighth since their formation in 1994. They recently posted a stream of it (a regular occurrence when they have a new album pending) on their website, but took it down after 24 hours, so I thought I’d collect up what few of the tracks are still available for streaming and offer up a review of sorts. Wilco are one of my favourite bands of all time, and arguably one of the most important American bands on the planet at the moment. They’re certainly one of the best live bands in the world right now, regardless of what you think of their albums. But like most bands that have reached their eighth record, I’ve found their last few albums a little bit lacking compared to their earlier stuff. (For those wondering where to start with Wilco, … Read more

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Some cool recent stuff that I’ve been listening to

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, folks. Been busy as shit. Expect more content soon, plus more guest posts and more awesomeness etc etc. Anyway, as a stop gap, here’s some cool recent shit that’s been floating my boat lately. Hope you like ’em. Wilco – “I Might” One thing’s for sure, the release of a new Wilco album is an event. While I like pretty much everything Jeff Tweedy has ever done, I do feel that Wilco’s best studio years are behind them. But hey, I honestly hope I’m wrong, and they are absolutely the type of band that have the capacity to surprise you with every move. Also, I’ve found with every album since A Ghost Is Born the songs don’t really take on their true colours until you’ve seen them performed live. So fingers crossed for another NZ tour in 2011. Anyway, the new album is … Read more

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5 Lead Guitarists That Don’t Suck

Musical showmanship is often the antithesis of good music. More often than not, guitar wankery sounds absolutely horrible and is used to cover up sub standard songwriting. I’m talking about people like Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughan, even people like Eric Clapton. That stuff is the worst. It’s like a shit pie: you can dress it up to look appealing on the outside, but a quick bite and you’ll find a solid core of excrement. To paraphrase the movie The Commitments: there’s nothing worse than listening to a band where the musicians are enjoying themselves more than the audience. Every now and then though, I find myself rather enjoying the odd bit of guitar noodling. Often it’s when it’s used to compliment the songwriting: it adds to the overall picture rather than obscuring it with audio fireworks. The type of lead guitarists whose riffs are interesting: they are as well … Read more

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Five great follow up albums

It’s extremely difficult to pull off a decent follow up album to a successful debut or breakthrough record. Think about it: the majority of follow ups to major albums are either disappointing in that they fail to follow the lofty expectations set by their predecessor, or suffer from an ill advised change of direction that alienates existing fans. Think Oasis’s “Be Here Now”*, Michael Jackson’s aptly named “Bad” (too soon?), The Stone Roses’ “Second Coming”, or Snoop Dogg’s awful “The Doggfather” (does anyone even remember that one?). All of which is completely understandable given the huge amounts of pressure from fans and record labels, which makes it even more impressive when a band actually pulls a great follow up album out of the bag. Here are a few of my favourites (Lets just take “In Utero” as a given, OK?): Weezer, “Pinkerton” – The quintessential dark follow up. A pop … Read more

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